Saturday, May 21, 2005

Where Do You Go?

Tammi's back and is back to asking her Saturday Question of Day. Today's question:
OK - Here goes: Tell me about your Happy Place. Not a physical location you run to....that place in your mind where you go to escape when everything is out of control. That memory or thought that "settles" you. Gives you the space you need to take a deep breath and go on.
I just went here last night. My Happy Place is in my truck listening to music. Now, I know this is supposed to be a place you go to you in your mind, but driving and listening to music helps me get to my happy place. Last night, I got in my truck in PJ's and flip flops, put on some Josh Groban, and drove around. I listen to music loud. Loud where it surrounds me and feels like I'm there. Loud where I can hear a piece of everything. It really takes me to another mind goes into another mode. Another thing I might do is play music that reminds me of good memories. I can hear a song and it remind me of a time...good or bad in my life. So when I need to "go back in time", I may listen to something in particular to get me there. The memories I'm looking for, like Tammi, are usually happy memories with friends. Times where things felt so good that I thought it couldn't get better and I never wanted it to end. I retreat back to these memories often! And there you have it, Tammi's Saturday Question of the Day - signed, sealed and delivered! Now we've gotta get her using the Word of the Week! :-)