Monday, May 23, 2005

Sissy flew the coop

Way to go Sissy on your new site. It looks great!! So, I’m left all alone with no parental guidance. MUAHAHAHAHA!!! Somebody cue the music and tap that keg!! I’m kidding of course but that reminds me……. When I was younger (teens) and my parents would go out of town sans the kids, they would ship my little bro and me’ off to the grandparents. Then, my father would chain up all the entrances to the house. I’m talking full on master locks. All because of one little mishap when they were out of town. Something about police and fire trucks and bottle rockets and skinny-dipping with the principal’s daughter. All laughable and mostly unproven. Anyway, the place was locked up tight. I always felt bad because he went to a lot of trouble and we would just have the party outside anyways… For those of you who don’t know, Napster is my better half. I’m a very lucky boy to have found someone like her. She is also a girly-girl. Now I don’t have a problem with this because for one, I get to have my own bathroom and two, I get to have my own bathroom. So we’re watching T.V. or something this weekend, and knowing her proclivity for all things chickesque, I was quite a shocked when she pronounced, “Wouldn’t it be fun to go camping next weekend?” I’ve seen Napster throw a fit because the cable was out, I can only imagine camping. I love to camp but haven’t in a while. So I said, sure babe that sounds like fun. We’ll see. Today at lunch she brings it up again. Napster – So, do you know how to do the tent and things? Me – Yes Napster – You can make a fire? Me – What do you think? Napster – What do you do out there? There’s no TV and stuff. Me – We can hike, swim, explore, all kinds of stuff. It’ll be fun. Napster – Will you bring guns? Me – Wha!? I hadn’t planned on it but if it makes you feel better. Napster – It would make me feel better because of all the freaks out there. Me – Uh, O.K. Do you want automatics or semi-automatics? Napster – What about the bathroom? Me – What about it? Napster – Where do you go? Me – Just grab a tree and hang on. Napster – (Eyebrows arching) Nuh-uh you’re lying. Me – Nope it’s true. Just put your arms around a tree that’s not to big, squat and have at it. But watch out for ticks. Napster – Ticks!! Anyway, I think that may have hit a nerve. She’s going to look for drive-up campsites but I think we may be looking at a cabin…If I don’t watch it, she may go for the Ritz in Austin. I’ll keep you posted.