Sunday, May 08, 2005

Linky Lovin' II

Sylph was the Word of the Week for Week #2. Bou, being the supportive blogmother she is, started Week #2 off with a bang by announcing Sissy's Word of the Week. She then followed by saying that her dreams of being sylph-like were not to be. I don't know what's she's smokin'! Bou's such an over achiever that she uses it again when she says she has made peace with the fact that she's not shaped like a 19 year old sylph (an AWTM coined phrase that I'm sure is now in the BEF dictionary). My favorite Blog Bruncle doesn't understand how his wife can eat this awesome dessert in a dessert in a dessert and still keep her sylph-like appearance. Bou also got a new participant on board, David of third world country. He did a little blues diddy about the Anti-Sylph. Amy gives you a Weight Watchers Recipe to help become or stay a sylph. Andrew of Custos Honor describes how he dated a co-worker that wasn't a sylph but a banshee. ArmyWifeToddlerMom writes about how during pilates, she stood behind a very sylph 19 year old and that she wanted to beat her 19 year old sylph ass. Sarah the Penguin shows off her skill in a poem of sylphs and MILFs. Blogsis VW is competing with Bou to see who can reach their weight goal first, but doesn't want to be a sylph woman becasue they look anemic. I feel like I'm missing some people. I try and write sites down as I see the word used, but I often do that, "Oh, I'll remember they used it" and we all know how that goes. So....If I missed anyone's use of the word, let me know and I'll add ya in the Linky Lovin'. The more the merrier!