Friday, April 29, 2005

News on the Home Front

Sis #1 (age 16) had her last day of school today. Seems kind of early? That's because for the next month, she gets to do work study at a newspaper in their advertising department. She doesn't have to be to work until 9, no more school (she graduates June 3), and doesn't have to take her finals! She has taken extra classes the past 3 years so she could graduate a year early since they have orders to move this summer (she didn't want to graduate at a whole new school her senior year). She's not college ready yet. She's quite smart, however didn't worry about studying or homework the past 2 years. So, her GPA and her SAT scores are not going to get her into college yet...which I think is a blessing in disguise. My first year of college was hell on me emotionally. It was a mess. I think a community college for her 1st and/or 2nd year will be great. I can't believe my sister is graduating from high school. I feel like not too long ago, her and I were fighting on who got to sit in the front seat of the car. I'm trying to figure out what to get her for graduation. I'm thinking I'll try and take her on a trip or a cruise. Something where we can go, spend time together and have fun. I talked to Sis #2 today (age 7). She talks very fast. I often have to ask her to repeat herself as she talks so fast that I miss words. She was telling me that she got a rabbit and named it BooBoo (like an owie) because it was short for Rabbit. She then told me she lost her 1st tooth. She was very proud that she yanked it out herself. Somehow, I see some persuading on my dad's part. Something like, "toughen up", "you want me to yank it out", etc. She was very excited that she got a bear and a gold coin from the toothfairy. coin? I'm thinking that may have came from the box of coins from around the world at last minute ;-) She then said she was looking for another loose tooth to take out. She's got a goldmine in there! Everytime I talk to her, she sounds more grown up. When I was 16, I used to help take care of her as a baby. People at my high school thought she was mine. I remember turning on some music, holding her to me, and dancing her to sleep. When I came home from school, we'd watch cartoons together. I remember laying on the floor playing with her for hours. She loved to go around the house on my shoulders and if I laid on the floor to watch TV, she would come over and sit on my back and watch with us. She used to watch me conduct the band at concerts would mimic me from her seat with my parents. Every phone call, she asks me why I can't live with them or in Arizona. How do I answer that? I love to visit my family, but dread it at the same time because when I leave, she cries. Between the gasps for breath, she asks why can't I stay; other girl's sisters live with them. Ouch! So, 3 daughters, and we've all practically grown up like only children. Sis #1 was born when I was 7 and 3 years later, my parents were divorced. I jumped back and forth between dad and mom's and finally at age 16, permanently stayed at my dad's. My sister doesn't remember a lot from when I was around. My mom shows her pictures sometimes to refresh her memory of our times together...but she doesn't...not many anyway. And since Sis #2 was born when I was 16 and I was out of the house by 18, she has also grown up as an only child. I need to be a better sister. I need to be closer, I need to talk to them more, I need them to know I will always be here for them.