Thursday, April 28, 2005

I Didn't Get That Memo

No one told me I had to have a dick to talk about electronics. I didn't know that was a boys only club. I am into electronics. I spend tons of money at Best Buy and on eBay on electronics. I understand the lingo, can speak it and enjoy it. I like gadgets. And when I am going to make a purchase, I know what I want. Today was just a simple purchase. I was looking for a 1 GB mini SD memory card for my new phone to store mp3's and pictures. (yes, my phone is also a mp3 player and a 1.3mp camera) I have been looking around everywhere for these and many stores don't even carry the mini SD memory cards, let alone a 1 GB card. I looked online, and I can order it, but I want it now! Best Buy's website has them, so I drove over to Best Buy. I looked at their memory cards and the largest mini SD memory card they had was 256. I looked around some more, as I know they cross merchandise and they could be put somewhere else. Nothing larger than a 256! I finally find someone to help me and tell him I am looking for a mini SD memory card larger than a 256. I would like a 1GB but would settle for a 512. He asked me what it was for. I don't know if he wanted to know why I needed so much memory or if he wondered if I knew what type of card I needed. I told him it was for my phone. He tells me I don't want a mini SD card, I need a Trans Flash card; those are what phones use. Um, no, I need a mini SD card. Nevermind the fact that I work for the company that sells this phone, but I can read a damn box and I understand the little picture on the back of my phone. After I prove to him that I need a mini SD card, he walks over with me to where I was looking. Although I am annoyed that he is looking in the same place I did, I keep my mouth shut...who knows...I could have overlooked the damn thing after starring at that fixture for 30 minutes. He finally walks over to two girls that work in the photo department, asking if they have a mini SD card larger than 256 and they tell us that there is no such thing. It took everything I had to not laugh. Yes, there is such thing, they are on your freakin website!! Geez!! They respond that they don't carry them and turn their back to me to continue their conversation! I have yet to find the card I want. It looks like I'm going to have to order the damn thing and won't have it for my trip next week! Maybe I can save on shipping and order a dick along with that so I can talk electronics or computers without being immediately questioned. This was a minor occurrence. When I was shopping for my receiver, my camera or any other of the many electronics I have, I was talked to like I knew nothing, and once I showed I knew what I was talking about and probably knew more than the kid sales rep, they tried to lie their way out of it. Someone once tried to tell me that the difference between 2-way, 3-way and 4-way speakers (for the car) were that you got surround sound with 4-way like you would with a home theater system! WTF??? I worked in consumer electronics for 2 years. I was a product specialist for the electronics department for the PX on base. Even then, I was doubted at first when selling a product until I really showed them what I was talking about. I would ask if guys have this issue when talking about something that is usually a "girl" topic....but I don't think the guys are going up to the make-up counter talking about the difference in foundations and mascaras...or am I wrong? Guys, do you encounter this at all???