Friday, March 11, 2005

Drunk Blogging

I do a lot of things better when I'm drunk. I bowl better when I'm drunk, I golf better when I'm drunk (I love midnight golf!), I play pool better when I'm drunk, I play softball better when I'm drunk, HELL, I might even blog better when I'm drunk....let's find out!!! However, there is ONE thing I do not do better when I'm drunk! And that's cook!! Well, after a couple several drinks, I decided I was starving! So, I threw in a Tostinos pizza in the oven!! After my timer went off, I went to get the pizza, and decided to use a spatula to dig the pizza out of the oven! IT WAS A PLASTIC SPATULA. Well, my coordination isn't too great right now, and my spatula MELTED in the oven!! And I burnt my pizza!! :-( I'm very dissapointed...but you know what, I'll make it work! I wonder if the pizza guy can deliver pizza AND a 6 pack??