Monday, March 14, 2005

Change in Psycho Alert

So I have been asked for an update on Mr. Stalker Genuine. I have seen no other stalker tendencies and the psycho alert has been lowered from high to medium. We have a good time. He's fun to just hang out with. We have a little obstacle in our way as he leaves in about a month for Tennesse. He's only in school here for a short amount of time. We've only mentioned this a couple of times in passing and haven't really discussed it in depth. But in the meantime, he's fun to hang out with and to have someone go out on the town with me. He even introduced me to his friends/classmates. He's kind of funny...there's a bar I like to go to that has a guitar player every Friday night. He knows I like this and we usually end up going there, and as I'm into the music, he watches the sports scores on the TV. I will update if the psycho alert changes.