Saturday, March 05, 2005

Quizilla Says Who I Am

Nothing like these quizzes to tell everyone the inner workings of your personality. I've seen the Care Bears quiz and the Alcoholic Beverage quiz at other blogs and figured I'd get them done in one post! I added the Greek God one for fun...
Image Hosted by ATHENA You are like the Greek God Athena, of Education. You're seen as sophisticated, smart, and a really down to earth person. Easy to get along with, easy to understand - and with great prospects. You do well in what you enjoy, and and often excel in most things academic. ?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ?? Free Image Hosting at "You are fun, and often the life of the party. Interesting, with a good sense of humor and definitely exciting. You're young at heart, and often you give people the escape they need - and make an excellent friend..." ?? Which Alcoholic Drink Are You ?? Image Hosted by Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You?
Hmmm....which one is Sissy??? I'm going to make these into business cards!!! ;-)