Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Driving Nowhere

Do you ever feel like you just really need to get away? Well, I tend to act on those feelings and just get up, throw on a jacket, get in my truck and go for a drive. When I lived in NC, I used to just drive to the beach, sit out near the water and listen and watch the water. No matter what time of night, no matter what was going on the next day, no matter how scary the beach can be in the middle of the night....you could find me there. When in the desert of California, I would drive into Joshua Tree National Park. Drive on trails through cacti, large rocks, Joshua and Yucca Trees, and coyotes. When I lived in Arizona, I would drive to the dunes. Nothing but clear skies and large piles of sand. When I lived in Missouri, I found a lake in a large, rich housing development that I would drive around many times. Or I would find unpaved trails through wooded areas and just drive. Well, now that I've moved here, I have been unable to find a place like these. So what do I do? I just drive....anywhere....I often have no clue where I'm going. Sometimes I have to pull out my atlas to get home...it's almost like a game. Well, tonight (or this morning), I got this bug again. I was laying in bed and could not turn off my brain! So, I got up, threw on a jacket over my oh so attractive pj's, slipped on my slippers and left. Where did I go? I have no earthly clue!!! I know I went west thanks to the little compass in the truck. I know I drove about 150 miles. But I honestly couldn't tell you the name of one town I drove through or near! What I usually do on these spontaneous adventures is play some really good music, usually some type of instrumental music, roll the windows down, and just drive. I do some of my best thinking during these times. It's a great way for me to clear out all the questions I have running through my head throughout the day that I keep putting off answering. And after almost 3 hours of driving, my mind is cleared, or at least satisfied, and I am ready to return to bed.